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GardenPro Planter™️- Planting Auger Drill Bit

GardenPro Planter™️- Planting Auger Drill Bit

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Patented spiral design makes planting effortless and fast, allowing you to create holes in any soil type with ease.



Do less work and plant more in less time.


Dig without worry about strain or pain


Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, this is the perfect tool to help you plant with ease.

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"This fabulous tool helped me to do the job 5 times faster then with a normal spade...and I was able to plant my 47 bulbs without having to break my back. I now use it almost everyday!"

- Beth. C , USA

Are you tired of the physical strain and hassle that comes with working on your garden?

Spending hours in the garden can lead to sore muscles and back pain, making it a frustrating and time-consuming task that leaves you with less time to enjoy the beauty of your garden.

Introducing The GardenPro Planter™️ - Planting Auger. 🌱

The ultimate gardening tool that makes planting effortless and fast. Its spiral patented design allows you to quickly and easily create holes in any soil type, whether it's hard or rocky. 

Discover the pleasure of gardening made easier!✨

🌱 GardenPro Planter™️ - Planting Auger 

DIG 10x FASTER - Do less work & plant more in less time.

ARTHRITIS & INJURIES FRIENDLY - Dig without worry about strain or pain.

EASY TO USE FOR ALL GARDENERS - Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, this is the perfect tool to help you plant with ease.

RELIABLE PERFORMANCE -  Designed in  giving reliable performance year-round. 

ENJOYABLE GARDENING - transforms the intimidating task into a pleasurable one.


🌱 EASILY DIGS INTO - all sorts of tough soils, including solid clay, stony ground, fibrous roots, coffee rock, compacted garden beds, and shale soil.

🌱 REMOVES - weeds and roots, cultivating soil

🌱 PERFECT BULB PLANTING - for tulips, iris, bulbs; bedding plants, and seedlings, etc.

🌱 AERATING THE SOIL - increasing great soil-to-root contact which helps plants and vegetables grow better.

🌱 GREAT DIY PROJECTS -drill fishing holes, fence post holes, umbrella holes, and more

Achieve a flourishing garden with ease. 

Our quick and efficient calendar is here to guide you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

"Will this tool cause me to twist my wrist?"

No, using the drill correctly eliminates the risk of wrist twisting or injury. We recommend customers to operate the drill on the screwdriver mode and at a slow speed. This ensures that if any resistance occurs during drilling, the drill's clutch will disengage and stop automatically.

What kind of photocells are used in the lights?

Our lamps are equipped with photocell technology that allows them to turn on or off automatically based on the amount of daylight and time of day, ensuring they remain lit from dusk to dawn. Additionally, you can use the built-in power switch or remote to manually control the lamps and turn them on or off as needed.

Will the GardenPro Planter™️ work with my drill?

This product is designed to fit into any standard power drill, regardless of the brand, with either a 10mm (3/8th inch) or 13mm (1/2 inch) chuck size. The hex-shaped end of the Garden Auger fits snugly into the chuck and prevents slippage while operating the drill.

Will it work in clay soil?

Yes, GardenPro Planter™️ works fine in all types of soil, clay included.

What speed should I use?

Our recommendation is to use the lowest speed setting on the screwdriver mode. If you require additional speed, we suggest increasing it gradually.

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